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Tourist places in HaitiHaïti : Saut-Mathurine
Tourist places in Haiti
Haïti : Saut-Mathurine
  • October 25, 2023
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Tourist places in Haiti

Haiti, a country located in the Caribbean, is an exceptional destination offering rich history, vibrant culture and magnificent landscapes. Here is a list of historical monuments and beautiful places to visit in Haïti to immerse yourself in this land full of treasures.

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French : Lieux touristique à Haiti

Spanish : Lugares turísticos en Haití

Haïti : Citadelle la FerrièreHaïti : Citadelle la Ferrière

Citadelle la Ferrière

Citadelle Laferrière, also known as Citadelle Henry, is an imposing fortress located in Haiti. It was built in the early 19th century, between 1805 and 1820, during the reign of King Henri Christophe, a former slave who became an important ruler of Haïti after the country’s independence in 1804. The Citadel was built to protect Haïti against a possible French invasion aimed at reestablishing slavery, as well as to serve as a symbol of the strength and independence of the Haitian nation.

VIsit Citadelle la Ferrière virtually:

Haïti : Palais Sans SouciHaïti : Palais Sans Souci

Palais Sans Souci

Palais Sans Souci is a historic site located in Haiti. It is a former royal palace built in the early 19th century. The palace was commissioned by King Henri I of Haiti, also known as Henri Christophe, who was a former freed slave and one of the leaders of the Haitian Revolution.

VIrtually visit the Sans Souci Palace:

Haïti : LabadeeHaïti : Labadee


Labadee is a private and heavenly beach located on the northern coast of Haiti. It is surrounded by green hills and offers a variety of water activities, from snorkeling to relaxing on the white sand.

Haïti : Côte des ArcadinsHaïti : Côte des Arcadins

Côte des Arcadins

This western coast of Haïti is renowned for its beautiful beaches, resorts and picturesque coastal landscapes. It is an ideal place to relax, recharge and enjoy the sun.

Haïti : Bassin BleuHaïti : Bassin Bleu

Bassin Bleu

Located in the Jacmel region on the southern coast of Haiti, not far from the city of Jacmel, Bassin Bleu is a beautiful natural attraction located in Haiti. It is known for its magnificent turquoise pools and waterfalls, nestled in a lush rainforest. This serene oasis is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, providing a refreshing escape from the heat and an opportunity to enjoy Haiti’s natural beauty.

Haïti : Île-à-VacheHaïti : Île-à-Vache


This small island in the southwest of Haïti is a true tropical paradise. Its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and welcoming locals make it an idyllic getaway.

Haïti : Saut-MathurineHaïti : Saut-Mathurine


Saut Mathurine is the highest waterfall in Haiti. This waterfall is an impressive natural landmark, surrounded by beautiful forest and picturesque landscapes.

The Saut Mathurine waterfall is fed by the Rivière de Cavaillon river, and it falls from a height of around 100 meters (around 330 feet) into a natural pool below. The falling water creates a magnificent spectacle, and the site is a favorite spot for lovers of nature and natural beauty.

Haïti : Grotte Marie-JeanneHaïti : Grotte Marie-Jeanne

Grotte Marie-Jeanne

This limestone cave is located in the South department of Haiti. It is known for its stalactite and stalagmite formations, as well as its natural beauty.

Haïti : Jardin botanique des CayesHaïti : Jardin botanique des Cayes

Jardin botanique

The Les Cayes Botanical Garden is a peaceful place to stroll and admire the flora of Haiti. It is home to a variety of tropical plants, rare trees and exotic flowers.

Haïti : Parc Historique de la Canne à SucreHaïti : Parc Historique de la Canne à Sucre

Parc Historique de la Canne à Sucre

Located in Port-au-Prince, this park traces the history of sugar cane cultivation in Haïti and its role in the country’s economy.

Haïti : Fort JacquesHaïti : Fort Jacques

Fort Jacques

Located in the mountains near Port-au-Prince, Fort Jacques is a former military fortification that offers panoramic views of the Haitian capital.


Haitian National Pantheon Museum (MUPANAH)

This museum in Port-au-Prince exhibits Haitian history and culture through a rich collection of artifacts, paintings and sculptures.

Haïti : Pointe SableHaïti : Pointe Sable

Pointe Sable

This beautiful golden sand beach, lined with coconut trees, is a great place to relax, swim and enjoy Haiti’s coastal setting.

Haïti : Île à RatHaïti : Île à Rat

Île à Rat

A small island off the northern coast of Haiti, known for its clear waters, secluded beaches and snorkeling opportunities.

VIrtually visit Île à Rat:

Hait : GeleeHait : Gelee


A golden sand beach famous for its relaxed vibe, calm waters and fresh seafood restaurants.

Haïti : Héros de VertièresHaïti : Héros de Vertières

Héros de Vertières

The site of the Battle of Vertières, where Haitian troops won a decisive victory over French forces, plays a key role in Haiti’s history.

Haïti : Cathédrale de MilotHaïti : Cathédrale de Milot

Milot Cathedral

Milot Cathedral is nestled within the magnificent Sans Souci Palace, an architectural masterpiece built in the early 19th century by Henri Christophe, a former slave who became the king of Haïti as Henri I. Henri Christophe played a key role in Haiti’s struggle for independence, alongside iconic figures such as Toussaint Louverture and Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Haïti : Les CayemitesHaïti : Les Cayemites

Les Cayemites

A group of islands off the northern coast of Haiti, offering beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for diving.

Haïti : Parc National MacayaHaïti : Parc National Macaya

Parc National Macaya

This national park protects a large part of Haiti’s rainforest, home to diverse flora and fauna. It is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts.

Haïti : Kenscoff et FurcyHaïti : Kenscoff et Furcy

Kenscoff and Furcy

Both of these mountain towns are surrounded by picturesque landscapes, terraced gardens, and hiking opportunities.

Haïti is full of natural and cultural beauty, offering travelers a unique experience. From heavenly beaches to cultural and natural treasures, including tasty cuisine, this country has everything to please those who wish to explore its riches.

Haïti : Royal DecameronHaïti : Royal Decameron

Royal Decameron

The Royal Decameron Indigo Beach is a beautiful resort located on the sunny coast of the Republic of Haiti. Nestled along the shores of the Caribbean Sea, this property offers travelers an exquisite getaway in a tropical paradise setting.

Discover the history of Haiti: A fascinating story to explore! :

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First black nation to free itself from slavery and gain independence from France in 1804 and influenced other liberation movements around the world, inspiring struggles for freedom and equality.

Natural beauty

Natural beauty

Haïti is blessed with spectacular natural landscapes, including white sand beaches, mountains and rich biodiversity.



Haïti has a rich historical heritage, including sites like the Citadelle Laferrière and the Sans-Souci Palace, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



Haïti has a rich and diverse culture, influenced by African, European and indigenous elements. Haitian music, dance, art and cuisine are celebrated around the world.