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Plume en Quest: Celebration of Haitian Women at the Alliance Française of Jacmel.Haitian woman
Plume en Quest: Celebration of Haitian Women at the Alliance Française of Jacmel.
Haitian woman
  • March 29, 2024
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Plume en Quest: Celebration of Haitian Women at the Alliance Française of Jacmel.

On March 23, 2024, in an atmosphere full of emotion and reflection, the Alliance française de Jacmel witnessed a unique cultural event of its kind. In collaboration with the Jacmel Jazz Festival, Plume en Quête presented a captivating show entitled “The Haitian woman is an asset”.

Under the artistic direction of Jean Kenia, this captivating show drew on the provocative writings of the famous philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. Through striking artistic performances, the audience was transported on an introspective journey about the central role of women in Haitian society. The spectators, who came in large numbers to witness this event, were deeply touched by the evocative power of the show. “It was an incredible experience,” said one spectator. “This show captured the strength and resilience of Haitian women in a striking way.”

Beyond its artistic aspect, this show also raised important questions about gender equality and women’s empowerment. By highlighting the essential contribution of Haitian women to society, he called for collective reflection on the need to promote social justice and gender equality.

In short, this evening at the Alliance Française was much more than just entertainment: it was a vibrant testimony to the strength, resilience and beauty of Haitian women, as well as a call to action in favor of a fairer and more equitable future for all.

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    C'est très bien

    March 29, 2024 - 02:45:37 PM
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    First black nation to free itself from slavery and gain independence from France in 1804 and influenced other liberation movements around the world, inspiring struggles for freedom and equality.

    Natural beauty

    Natural beauty

    Haïti is blessed with spectacular natural landscapes, including white sand beaches, mountains and rich biodiversity.



    Haïti has a rich historical heritage, including sites like the Citadelle Laferrière and the Sans-Souci Palace, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



    Haïti has a rich and diverse culture, influenced by African, European and indigenous elements. Haitian music, dance, art and cuisine are celebrated around the world.