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Redefining the image of Haïti on the internet: Yes, we can do it!Haïti
Redefining the image of Haïti on the internet: Yes, we can do it!
  • May 23, 2024
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Redefining the image of Haïti on the internet: Yes, we can do it!

Haïti is often viewed online through the prism of poverty, political instability and natural disasters. Although these aspects are part of the Haitian reality, they do not entirely define it. Cultural richness, a glorious past, abundant natural resources, exquisite gastronomy and other attractions are equally important, but unfortunately less publicized, facets.

The current perception of Haïti online

A quick Google search for “Haiti” will leave you with a negative impression, as you will find mostly demeaning images that do not reflect Haiti’s natural beauty, rich historical past, and vibrant culture. This situation results from the dissemination by many online media and international organizations, as well as Haitian media, of content highlighting only negative aspects of the country. Compared to other countries, Haïti is often presented in a particularly negative way, thus fueling stereotypes and prejudices. This perception has serious repercussions on tourism, foreign investment and even the national pride of Haitians. Additionally, it creates a distorted picture of reality, obscuring the many positive and inspiring aspects of Haiti.

Can we redefine the image of Haïti on the internet?

Redefining the image of Haïti on the internet is the mission that Haïti Wonderland has given itself. Officially launched on January 28, 2024, Haïti Wonderland is a tourism platform dedicated to redefining the image of Haïti on the internet by highlighting its natural, tourist and cultural treasures, as well as its glorious past. Thanks to content perfectly optimized for search engines like Google, Bing and others, we hope that searches for "Haiti" reveal images that honor the country, unlike those currently present online.

Promising results in just 4 months

Four months after its launch, images that honor Haïti are beginning to rank among the first search results for relevant keywords.


Screenshot on May 2, 2024:

While browsing the Internet, we wanted to find images of beaches in Haïti to feed one of our articles about summer in Haiti. To our great astonishment, for the term "Haïti summer", we found mainly degrading images. The only image that really did the country justice came from our site, Haïti Wonderland. What the hell are these images doing for the “Haïti summer” search? We saw fit to work on this keyword.


Screenshot on May 17, 2024:

Fifteen days later, we checked the same keyword and saw a complete change in results. Indeed, eight of the nine immediate images honored Haïti by highlighting different attractions such as beaches and natural resources. However, the work is far from finished, because going further down in the results, we still find degrading images.

This example shows that although we have already made significant progress, there is still much to do. The good news is that we can do it.

This is just an example. After only 4 months, Haïti Wonderland ranks first on several relevant keywords regarding Haiti. We already receive over 100 clicks per day on search engines, and this number is only increasing every day. Many people use our platform to talk about Haiti.

We look forward to presenting the results to you in 8 months, 12 months after our launch.

How to redefine the image of Haïti on the internet?

The results displayed by search engines come from content found online on the keywords in question. We can therefore redefine the image of Haïti by ensuring we produce as much content as possible every day. Haitian online media must get involved in ensuring that the images and stories they broadcast reflect the diversity and richness of Haiti. Rather than focusing only on the negative aspects, they should highlight the successes, positive initiatives, and exceptional contributions of Haitians to global society.

Haïti Wonderland: Technology at the Service of the Haïtian Narrative

On this 220th anniversary of the legendary independence of Haïti, a new initiative is born on the web: Haïti Wonderland. Launched on January 28, 2024, this innovative site’s mission is to revolutionize the way Haïti is perceived online, by highlighting its natural, cultural, historical and human assets. b~An Ambitious VIsion~b Haïti Wonderland aspires to a significant change in the perception of Haïti on the Internet. The goal is clear: when you search for “Haïti” on search engines, you should be greeted by beautiful images and inspiring stories. The team behind Haïti Wonderland wants to transform the web to allow only the beauty and wealth of this country to emerge, thus reflecting Haïtian reality. b~Authentic and Immersive Content~b To achieve these goals, Haïti Wonderland regularly publishes news articles and special blogs highlighting Haïti’s beauty, historic destinations, exquisite cuisine and anything else that can spark Haïtian pride. The emphasis is on promoting a positive and authentic image of the country. The experience offered to visitors to the site is also out of the ordinary. Thanks to virtual reality, you can explore the treasures of Haïti from anywhere in the world, providing total immersion in the splendor of this jewel of the Antilles. b~Smart Support and Rewards~b Haïti Wonderland goes beyond by integrating artificial intelligence on its site. This AI is there to provide visitors with all the information they need about Haïti, thus guiding their journey through the site in an interactive way. And that’s not all ! Haïti Wonderland offers an incentive compensation program for contributors. You can earn money by publishing blog posts on the site, rewarded based on the number of views generated. b~Commitment to Narrative Change~b The founder of Haïti Wonderland, Appolon Guy Alain, sees his initiative as a way to actively participate in changing the Haïtian narrative on the Internet. It is open to any collaboration and support aimed at achieving this common objective of improving the image of Haïti online. Through Haïti Wonderland, Appolon also wishes to raise awareness among online media to stop broadcasting demeaning images of Haïti that contribute to tarnishing its reputation. He calls for collective commitment to present the best version of Haïti. To discover the beauty of Haïti from a new perspective, visit the website: or download the application from Play Store: =com.appographic.haitiwonderland. For all correspondence, contact them by email at Haïti Wonderland: Rediscover, Share, Marvel.

Investing in the online tourism sector in Haiti

If we cannot rely on Haitian media, the best option is to invest in tourist sites dedicated to promoting Haïti like Haïti Wonderland. While we can’t erase bad images of Haïti from the internet, we can make sure we put the best images first, thereby relegating other images to subsequent pages of search results. Studies indicate that less than 10% of users view the second page of search results, and this figure drops even further for subsequent pages. By investing in sites dedicated to promoting Haiti, we can occupy the first pages of search engines for searches about Haiti, although this is a challenge due to the high competition for the keyword "Haiti".

Call on SEO specialists

A good SEO strategy remains our best asset to change the image of Haïti on the internet. The majority of images that appear when searching for "Haiti" come from international online media and well-known organizations that invest in SEO every day to maintain their online positions. We also need to invest heavily in SEO to surpass them. The advantage we have over them is that we can create niche sites, dedicated specifically to very specific terms about Haiti, like Haïti Wonderland does.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the set of techniques aimed at optimizing the positioning and visibility of a website in the results of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The main goal of SEO is to increase a website’s organic traffic by improving its ranking in search results for relevant keywords.

SEO practices can include optimizing content, HTML tags, site structure, inbound and outbound links, and other technical and off-page factors. In general, SEO aims to make a website more accessible, understandable and relevant to search engines and users, which can lead to increased traffic.

How to properly optimize my site for natural referencing?

If you wish to embark on this fight to redefine the image of Haïti on the internet, we offer you this free consultation. Optimizing a website for SEO involves several technical, content and usability aspects. Here are some tips for optimizing your site:

1. Technical optimization:
- Make sure your site is search engine friendly by using a logical site structure with understandable URLs, for example: .
- Optimize your site loading speed by compressing images, minifying scripts and using browser caching.
- Make sure your site is compatible with mobile devices (responsive design) to provide an optimal user experience on all devices.

2. Quality content: Create high-quality, original and relevant content about Haiti. Use your keywords naturally in your titles, title tags (H1, H2, H3), descriptions and content.

3. HTML tags: Use HTML tags appropriately, including title tags (H1, H2, H3), description tags (meta description), image tags (alt text) to help search engines to understand the content of your site.

4. Quality Backlinks: Get quality backlinks from relevant and trusted websites. This can be achieved through partnerships, guest content, social media mentions, and others. To this day, backlinks remain an essential element in natural referencing. This is the part that you will have to invest in if you want to compete with other sites that do SEO.

5. Analytics and Tracking: Use analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track your site’s performance, identify search trends, and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. This will sometimes require you to rewrite the content of your articles (titles or descriptions).

Other strategies to redefine the image of Haiti

Social media: Use social media campaigns to share positive stories, festivals, artwork and music creations.

Travel sites: Update information on travel sites to include recommendations for sustainable and eco-friendly tourism destinations in Haiti.

Sharing experiences: Encourage travel bloggers and influencers to visit Haïti and share their positive experiences.

Collaboration with international media: Work in partnership with international media to diversify the stories about Haiti.

Success stories: Publish and promote the success stories of Haitian entrepreneurs, artists and innovators.

In conclusion

Redefining the image of Haïti on the internet is a challenge but also an immense opportunity. By highlighting the cultural richness, local successes, and positive aspects of Haitian society, we can change the overall perception of this country. Yes, we can do it, and each initiative, each positive story shared, will contribute to building a more balanced and authentic image of Haïti on the world stage.

Haïti Wonderland does a great job, but it’s not enough. We need dozens of similar platforms to occupy the top positions in search results and thus change perception. It’s a collective fight, we must all commit in one way or another to present to the world a more respectable image of Haiti, this jewel of the Caribbean.

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In our tradition, carnival represents an essential cultural activity. Indeed, for the holding of it this year, the State had drawn from the public treasury not only a huge sum but also a strong concentration of law enforcement to ensure the protection and security of carnival-goers in the area. metropolitan. Despite numerous criticisms and concerns expressed by certain media on the one hand, then on the other hand by the democratic opposition. While it is true that in Port au Prince these concerns had had a no less valuable consequence on the progress of this festivity. It is no less true that this was the case in other provincial towns, as proof in the southeast department the authorities did not record anything as an element of accident or incident during the progress of the carnival unlike Port au Prince. Certainly, socio/economic problems are increasingly worrying, nevertheless what makes us what we are today, a free and independent people is none other than our exceptionality. This deeply expresses our intrinsic characteristic in relation to people. In fact, historically we are a people who laugh and cry, smile and irritate, dance and hit the system, sing and fight so well that "grenadya alaso sa ki mouri zafè ya yo" is the most emblematic song of the slaves for the conquest of our freedom. We do not intend to claim that those who expressed their disagreement with the carnival are showing a historical deficit. However, we leave in the shadows a fundamental question: why is carnival taken care of by the State while the rara is like an abandoned child? The rara is not only a simple cultural tradition but, above all, it is the heritage of our valiant warriors who bravely fought the French expeditionary army, the most powerful of the time. While, this mass cultural, she is still marginalized by state authorities. It is emphasized that social cohesion is the dead point of carnival. On the other hand, this is the strong point of rara. As proof, the Thursday of the Dead in our Voudouesque tradition which represents the opening ceremony for the rara bands is the blatant testimony of this social cohesion. And, in fact, there were circles of people who took divergent directions to attend the opening ceremony of their rara bands. For this opening ceremony the atmosphere was a taste of carnival in terms of color. On the side of Croix Hilaire, for the title champion Ratyèfè full force band, the color of his club was very diverse, a long dress of apricot yellow, mauve white, then white scarf. In terms of performance, this band had completely proven its champion skills thanks to its arsenal of musicians who were not in their testing phase. To tell the truth, they performed their note with surgical precision as a doctor-surgeon in his surgical procedure. The synchronization between the musicians, the instruments and then the fans form a whole and harmonize perfectly well. This band not only has the magic of words and verbs, it seems that they also have the magic to thrill even the most reluctant fans. Moreover, his performance for this dead Thursday was a challenge for his rivals this weekend to the extent that their performances were less good. On the symbol side of light, Grap Kenèp was the wonder of the Thursday evening of the dead. His club dressed in the appropriate color for this evening, purple scarf, purple jersey, then white “kolan”. In a symbolic way, this marriage of color represents Baron in Haitian Vodou. Without a doubt, it was the most beautiful symbolic representation of the evening. In terms of performance, returning from the cemetery we felt a very strong warmth of jubilation, elation, and playfulness for a completely balanced performance. As far as Chenn Tamarin is concerned, it was already 2 a.m. when our team met him, it was a less good performance than what we were accustomed to. On the symbolic side it leaves something to be desired. His news was that he had his own media. Petit-Goave/Culture and Society

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First black nation to free itself from slavery and gain independence from France in 1804 and influenced other liberation movements around the world, inspiring struggles for freedom and equality.

Natural beauty

Natural beauty

Haïti is blessed with spectacular natural landscapes, including white sand beaches, mountains and rich biodiversity.



Haïti has a rich historical heritage, including sites like the Citadelle Laferrière and the Sans-Souci Palace, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



Haïti has a rich and diverse culture, influenced by African, European and indigenous elements. Haitian music, dance, art and cuisine are celebrated around the world.