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Here are five compelling reasons why you should definitely visit Haiti’s beaches5 reasons why you should visit Haiti’s beaches
Here are five compelling reasons why you should definitely visit Haiti’s beaches
5 reasons why you should visit Haiti’s beaches
  • May 27, 2024
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Here are five compelling reasons why you should definitely visit Haiti’s beaches

1- Abaka Bay (Île-à-Vache): Start your Haitian adventure with the magnificent Abaka Bay, recently named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by CNN. Located on the enchanting island of Île à Vache, this bay offers a pristine white sand beach and calm Caribbean waters, framed by lush green hills. Abaka Bay Resort offers a truly exclusive and secluded experience, with bungalows located directly on the beach, offering panoramic views and direct access to the fine sand and crystal clear sea. The dining options are equally impressive, with one restaurant offering breathtaking ocean views and epic sunsets. To get to Île à Vache, simply take a 15-20 minute boat ride from Les Cayes, located off the southern coast of Haiti.
2- Île à Rat (Amiga Island): As soon as you set foot on Île à Rat (also known as Amiga Island), this little slice of paradise will steal your heart. Its smooth white sand beach immediately catches the eye, while gentle waves create a dreamy oasis against the pearly shore. Located in the turquoise waters off the coast of Plaine du Nord in northern Haiti, Île à Rat is a 1.8 hectare piece of white coral covered in a small wild forest. The island is a peaceful retreat, especially for couples looking for a serene getaway. To get to Île à Rat, you can take one of the many water taxis waiting in Labadee, a 30-minute drive from Cap-Haïtien. Keep in mind that the island is uninhabited, so it is important to bring everything you need for a comfortable stay, including drinking water.
3- Côtes des Arcadins: Nestled north of the bay of Port-au-Prince, Côtes des Arcadins stretches over 19 kilometers of white sand beaches lined with palm trees, making it one of the most popular seaside destinations from Haiti. The combination of the deep blue sea, mountains, mangrove forests and the coral reef formed by the Arcadins islets creates a breathtaking spectacle. It is also a great place for divers. To get there, follow the road north of the bay of Port-au-Prince. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of this region.

4- Plage de Gelée: This beach is one of the most popular thanks to its crystal clear waters and soft sand, all with a pastoral landscape in the background. If you are looking for a place to relax and soak up the sun, Gelée Beach is a great choice.
5- Jacmel Beach: Although swimming is not recommended here, Jacmel Beach is famous for its picturesque charm and artistic atmosphere. It is located in the historic town of Jacmel, known for its lively carnival and colorful houses. Explore the beach, admire the architecture and soak up Haitian culture.

Don’t forget your swimsuit and sunscreen, and enjoy these hidden treasures of Haiti! 🏖️☀️

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Vilbrena Marie Josseleine

Ayiti gen twòp richès 😍😍😍😍😍

May 28, 2024 - 12:19:00 PM
Djeff Francisco

Bon travail frérot

May 28, 2024 - 02:06:17 PM
Mardochée DORMÉUS

Aprè atik sa, li vrèman ban m anvi al vizite kèk plaj ak kèk ti zile tou wi tankou "Ile à rat".

June 01, 2024 - 11:56:19 PM
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Caractéristique d’un lapin

Les lapins sont des mammifères appartenant à la famille des Leporidae. Voici quelques-unes de leurs caractéristiques principales : 1. **Physique** : Les lapins ont un corps couvert de fourrure douce, des oreilles longues et droites, de grands yeux sur les côtés de leur tête, et une queue courte et duveteuse. Ils possèdent de puissantes pattes arrière adaptées au saut. 2. **Taille et poids** : La taille et le poids peuvent varier considérablement selon la race, allant d’environ 500 grammes pour les plus petits à plus de 5 kilogrammes pour les plus grands. 3. **Comportement** : Les lapins sont connus pour être sociaux et peuvent vivre en groupes dans la nature. Ils communiquent entre eux par différents moyens, y compris par des sons et des mouvements corporels. Les lapins creusent des terriers pour y vivre et se protéger des prédateurs. 4. **Alimentation** : Ils sont herbivores, se nourrissant principalement de foin, d’herbes, de feuilles, de fleurs, et de certains légumes. Leur système digestif est adapté pour traiter une grande quantité de fibres. 5. **Reproduction** : Les lapins sont réputés pour leur capacité à se reproduire rapidement, avec des gestations courtes d’environ 28 à 31 jours. Une portée peut compter de un à douze lapereaux, selon la race. 6. **Sens** : Ils ont une excellente vision périphérique pour détecter les mouvements tout autour d’eux, mais ont une zone aveugle juste devant leur nez. Leur ouïe est également très développée, leur permettant de capter des sons à de grandes distances. 7. **Espérance de vie** : En captivité, les lapins peuvent vivre de 7 à 10 ans, selon la race et les soins prodigués, tandis que dans la nature, leur espérance de vie est généralement plus courte en raison des prédateurs et des maladies. Ces animaux nécessitent des soins appropriés, notamment un régime alimentaire équilibré, de l’exercice, et une attention particulière à leur bien-être émotionnel et physique pour vivre une vie saine et heureuse en captivité.

Petit-Goave, Haiti: Decryption of the 3rd rara weekend!

It is more and more obvious that in Petit-Goave the media space is absorbed by the rivalry between Ratyèfè, triple champions and lambi gran lambi dlo, a former champion. The past weekend was once again irrefutable proof of the media tension over these two rival bands. With a carnival-like appearance, the fan club of the first dressed in a white shirt, short orange-yellow skirt, purple tie, black boot; the other dressed in a traditional hat, yellow jersey, red pants, red or yellow tennis shoes. This marriage of colors with the taste of carnival is the expression of cultural diversity as La Fontaine said in his book tales and short stories "diversity is my motto." This formula can adapt well to the rara. If it is true in Léogane this marriage of color has existed for ages. It is no less true that this was the case in Petit-Goave because we had to wait for the strong return of Ratyèfè in 2018 to see the rara fan clubs dress differently each new weekend. Last Saturday more than one expected a new face to face between Lambi gran dlo and Ratyèfè because the latter weighed anchor in the direction of the 2nd plain and the latter, in the direction of the city center. Less than in any other circumstance, this duel at the top was obvious. If for some comments it was a favorable opportunity for Lambi to take his revenge on his rival compared to the previous weekend because he had done the profile although he had the advantage because he was two against one. (Lambi,chenn tamarin vs Ratyèfè). This enormous advantage did not work in their favor because the hours that had passed worked against them, as proof they had gone to sleep while ratyèfè remained to play for at least 30 more rounds. Surprisingly but not surprisingly during the meeting long awaited by less than one, at the Acul not far from the Saint Jean-Baptiste church, lambi had decided not to play anymore. However, according to the customs and costumes of the rara when there are two bands, the one who stops playing first, shows weakness and surrender. Consequently, the other who is opposite out of decency and good morals has no other choice to do the same. It follows that for the umpteenth time the great power formation (lambi grand dlo) was unable to take revenge on its rival. For many cultural journalists who were present to witness this event did not have their tongue in their pocket to give their impression of Ratyèfè’s monster performance. This is the case for Brignol, a cultural commentary which wondered if Ratyèfè had the devil in his body so that the most incredulous were in their feeling of joy. On Sunday evening this monster of animation once again made its mark in the art of its know-how. This is what explains the almost unanimity among the cultural journalists of Petit-Goâve in granting first place to this band for its performance and its musical discipline. So, for this weekend according to the circle of cultural journalists of Petit-Goave and with the approval of many other cultural comments. We have the following classification: 1st Ratyèfè 2nd Grap Kenèp 3rd Orgueil de la jeunesse



First black nation to free itself from slavery and gain independence from France in 1804 and influenced other liberation movements around the world, inspiring struggles for freedom and equality.

Natural beauty

Natural beauty

Haïti is blessed with spectacular natural landscapes, including white sand beaches, mountains and rich biodiversity.



Haïti has a rich historical heritage, including sites like the Citadelle Laferrière and the Sans-Souci Palace, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



Haïti has a rich and diverse culture, influenced by African, European and indigenous elements. Haitian music, dance, art and cuisine are celebrated around the world.