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Official launch of “Ewo” Beer: Haitian Pride across the WorldBiere Ewo
Official launch of  Ewo  Beer: Haitian Pride across the World
Biere Ewo
  • December 22, 2023
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Official launch of “Ewo” Beer: Haitian Pride across the World

December 1 marked an exceptional moment for the Haitian community and beer lovers around the world, with the official launch of “Ewo” beer by Haitian entrepreneur Jhonson Napoléon.

After the success of “Kola Choucoune”, already present in several countries, including the United States and Canada, it is the turn of “Ewo” beer to take the American market by storm. Available in several cities in the United States, this beer embodies the perfect marriage between tradition and innovation, offering consumers a unique taste experience.

“Ewo” beer is much more than just an alcoholic beverage. It is a delight that skillfully blends the authentic flavors of Haitian culture with a touch of innovation. In a country where Prestige beer and Barbancourt rum have already conquered palates around the world, “Ewo” beer is proudly added to the list of Haitian taste treasures.

Jhonson Napoléon, the man behind this new creation, continues to fly the colors of Haïti across the globe. His commitment to promoting quality Haitian products continues to strengthen the reputation of his country of origin. “Ewo” beer is not just a drink, it is a symbol of Haitian creativity and perseverance that transcends borders.

This new step demonstrates the country’s ability to be part of the global trend for quality craft beers. “Ewo” beer is not only a leading local product, but it also stands out on the international scene as the representative of a rich and dynamic culture.

The pride that Haitians feel for the success of Jhonson Napoléon and the growing fame of “Ewo” beer is palpable. It is a success story that transcends geographic boundaries and embodies the strength of the Haitian entrepreneurial spirit.

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First black nation to free itself from slavery and gain independence from France in 1804 and influenced other liberation movements around the world, inspiring struggles for freedom and equality.

Natural beauty

Natural beauty

Haïti is blessed with spectacular natural landscapes, including white sand beaches, mountains and rich biodiversity.



Haïti has a rich historical heritage, including sites like the Citadelle Laferrière and the Sans-Souci Palace, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



Haïti has a rich and diverse culture, influenced by African, European and indigenous elements. Haitian music, dance, art and cuisine are celebrated around the world.