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Together Let’s Rewrite the Narrative of Haïti on the Web.

For the last three decades the internet has transformed the way people live, access information and promote worthy causes. Institutions that embrace this technology lead the way in their respective industries and last, while countries that embrace this technology and wisely implement it enable them to thrive and build sustainable economies. After decades of existence, the internet has been shared with mainly two groups of people; those who use it as a tool to build, and those who use it as a tool of destruction. Those who see the internet as a bridge to make a positive impact in the world and those who see it as the comfy bed to never leave, hence, the difference between the consumer and producer. Unfortunately our beloved home, Haiti, has been long ranged in the former.

Is it a lack of vision, lack of skills and competences or is it lack of hard working individuals?

Regardless what it is and had been for decades, now is the time to change the paradigm on all fronts necessary and reshape the future. If the past decades has been ruled by non-production and negative press, now it is the time to change the paradigm by producing and using the limitless of the web to sell the beauty, the culture and the greatness of Haïti to the rest of the world. If the past has been ruled with a selective truth and an effort to showcase the worse and by extension create the worse narrative, Now, my fellow Haitian, regardless of where you are on this planet, it is the time for us to undertake this mission, to take responsibility and recreate the narrative of our mother land. a narrative based on truth and transparency, a narrative that tells the story of who we are and certainly who we are not, a narrative to invite the world to explore and see for themselves. It is our duty. if not now, when? if not you and I, then, who?

Our main mission at Haïti Wonderland is to accelerate the rewriting of the narrative of Haïti on the web. Then use the internet to bring Haïti back to the top of the touristic destination map once again. Those are what motivate us, the oxygen that we breath, they are the reason we wake up in the morning and fight.

We didn’t choose this path because we know it will be easy but we choose it because:
i) It’s a noble cause
ii) It is necessary and
iii) It must be done.
But must importantly we take this path because we know you and every Haitian in this world, who knows the truth about Haïti are tired with what you see when typing Haïti on the web, and at the same time understand that something must change, and it must be done as soon as possible, so we know you are ready for this, and together we will change the narrative of Haïti on the web and we will bring Haïti back to the top of the touristic destination map.

This is a call of duty to you, regardless of your field of endeavor or where you’re located in this world. This is a call to join to first see for yourself the movement you’re joining, then create you own account and start creating and share.
Together rewriting the narrative of Haïti on the web.

Thank you for joining this worthy cause. let’s invite the world to discover the true face of Haiti.

Jefferson | Haïti Wonderland

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Première nation noire à se libérer de l’esclavage et à obtenir son indépendance de la France en 1804 et a influencé d’autres mouvements de libération à travers le monde, inspirant des luttes pour la liberté et l’égalité.

Beauté naturelle

Beauté naturelle

Haïti est dotée de paysages naturels spectaculaires, notamment des plages de sable blanc, des montagnes et une biodiversité riche.



Haïti possède un riche patrimoine historique, notamment des sites comme la Citadelle Laferrière et le Palais Sans-Souci, classés au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO.



Haïti possède une culture riche et diversifiée, influencée par des éléments africains, européens et autochtones. La musique, la danse, l’art et la cuisine haïtiens sont célébrés à travers le monde.